PLC Hardware Company Overview

Founded in Sydney NSW the company is 100% Australian owned and operated.

We Sell: PLC’s, drives, HMI’s, software and other automation equipment.

Brands: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Schnieder, Hitachi and others

Products: All products sold are usually 40% cheaper than the listed price.All products are genuine, factory sealed, factory warranty & technical support is available.

To learn more about doing business with PLC Hardware, get in touch with us. Use the chat box in the corner, email us via our contact pageor just call us: 02 8060 8750

More about PLC Hardware

PLC Hardware have a warehouse and offices in Sydney’s Inner West. From there they stock thousands of products and brands including Allen Bradley, Siemens,Schnieder, Omron, Panasonic, Cermate, Meanwell Mitsubishi, Pilz and more.Hitachi have recently signed PLC Harware as one of it’s official Australian Distributors.

“PLC Hardware was started mainly out of frustration with the local distribution monopolies.” Unsatisfied with what they had to offer, David Askew (Director) decided to do start a company that buys the same hardware straight from wholesalers at a fraction of the cost.

“Generally the main issues were, and still are; getting automation hardware at a competitive price, in a timely fashion and getting real support without being ripped off. Just because we are in Australia doesn’t mean we should pay double and only have one supplier”.

The alternative automation hardware supplier

PLC Hardware stems from Rockwell’s Allen Bradley distributorship shakeup in 2004, where all authorised distributors of Allen Bradley (15 or so companies) had their selling rights taken away and only two Vendors in Australia remain. Leaving many businesses unable to sell their top products and thus creating financial hardship.

The two remaining companies; Inaco Automation and NHP were left with the task of supplying Australia with the ever growing demand for Allen Bradley products. The result of this new distribution channel outfit saw competition decrease and prices increase and a monopoly over each companies designated areas.

Rockwell increased its prices for Australia similarly to that of the IT industry where Australia pays more than America and other countries for reasons that have never been explained.

This new Allen Bradley distribution architecture left System Integrators, manufacturers and all other process industries paying more for their Allen Bradley hardware having a domino effect down the production line to the end users. The manufacturing industries (many of which are run by Allen Bradley PLC systems) did not, and does not need any additional costs added to its already expensive running costs.

PLC Hardware was started by a Systems Integrator company that was getting frustrated at the ever increasing cost of hardware and the new lack of support since the transition. By importing the same hardware from other countries that do not reside in such pricing structures as Australia. PLC Hardware were able to develop a network of reliable suppliers that allowed PLC Hardware to sell the same hardware at about 40% cheaper than the set list price. The hardware still comes with the same factory warranty. It is all genuine and factory sealed as would be expected.

Since then, PLC Hardware has flourished as other companies are seeing that they have been getting unfavoured pricing and service for too long. And because PLC Hardware is run by automation engineers, the products are supported. PLC Hardware are known for being good to work with.

PLC Hardware are the leaders in the parallel importing of automation hardware in Australia and are proud to be offering Australians a fair price and a high value service. Bringing back the necessary competition that results in the end-users with a more realistically priced product.